Erectile Dysfunction


Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction There’s nothing to be embarrassed about here. There is no judgement. ED is a topic that most men suffer from in silence, it’s not usually the topic of the men’s conversations and because of this many men feel very isolated and lonely, often not seeking help, spending years missing out on a very natural part of human enjoyment. If you're reading this page then you are heading in the right direction. Sex, masturbation and in-between is a natural part of being human and to lose the ability to fufill these actions can have significant impact on [...]

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I am happy and fat!


“I’m happy being fat! “No truly I am look, I’m happy and cheerful, life and soul of the party, so what if I’m overweight, fat doesn’t equal miserable and I’m here to show people that’s it’s ok to be fat and happy. I’m beautiful and fat. Look how much energy I’ve got! I’m happy being fat and I wouldn’t want to be miserable and thin.” Yes I’m with you, I’m certainly not saying that fat and happy and energetic and beautiful isn’t possible but what if you could be healthier and happier and more energetic? [...]

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7 Practical ways to help your child or teenager to cope with stress


Make sleep a priority Teenagers need a minimum of 8 hours up to about 10 hrs a night, with most research favouring over 9 hours. This is critical to their ability to cope, learn and manage stress. Sleep helps with weight management, stress and anxiety, ability to cope, ability to learn, ability to concentrate. Don’t laugh as there are ways to get your kids to agree to this, but electronics in bedrooms has a negative impact on sleep cycles. There is no research that I can find anywhere that says ‘watching tv or playing Xbox or watching you tube videos’ [...]

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Life coaching


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Life Coaching Life is always moving forwards and life coaching gives you the ability to seize the day, gain the most from every moment and helps you to achieve your goals and desires. Unless you take time out of your day to reflect, consider and learn, you won’t be getting the most from your time and energy. How does it feel when you change your goals from “I want to……" to “I am ………..”. [...]

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Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Addictions Food, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, Facebook, social media, sex, shopping, exercise, anything that you feel compelled to do, that controls you and your life, a compulsion and behaviour has negative effects on your life. You are here because you are suffering in some way from a physical or psychological addiction. Your behaviour is now having such a detrimental effect on your life that you want to change. Or perhaps you can see that if [...]

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Career Coaching


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Career Coaching You’re here for what reason? You want to change career? Possibly you’re always overlooked for promotion? You want to change jobs, company? Perhaps you just want to feel happier in your work? Perhaps you don’t do yourself justice at interviews? You could just want to be better at what you do? More motivation, confidence, increase communication, improve negotiation skills, all these things can be tackled and improved. Whatever the reason, you know [...]

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Fears and Phobias


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Fears and Phobias This is very similar to stress and anxiety, except it is stimuli-specific. This means that your subconscious has learned that reacting with fear, an adrenaline release, panic, fight or flight, to a certain situation, environment or stimuli enables it to survive. Therefore every time you encounter the stimuli, your brain and body react in order to protect you - it worked before and you stayed alive, so your brain has very [...]

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Stress and anxiety


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Stress and anxiety Stress and anxiety are perfectly normal, healthy states to be in occasionally, especially when you are in real danger. The problem arises when you enter this state even when you are not in danger, but your body and brain perceive the danger as real and so put your into this highly unpleasant state that has nowhere to be released and can cause damage to your mental and physical health. Suffering with [...]

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Weight loss: Life gain, health gain


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Thinner and healthier NLP doesn’t make you thinner, or healthier, NLP doesn’t wave a magic wand and suddenly the pounds fall off. Your conscious is fully aware of what is good food and bad food, what you should and shouldn’t eat. In fact, you’ve probably tried every diet out there and nothing works. Well guess what, it’s really tough to stick to a diet in the long term when you don’t get your conscious [...]

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Stop smoking


The cost is 20 cigarettes per day is about £8, a week is £56, a month is £224, a year is £2912! www.nhs.uk You want to stop smoking You know it’s bad for you, smoking can cause cancer, smoking can cause heart disease, smoking costs an astronomical amount of money, smoking smells, smoking is anti-social. You know all these things and yet this isn’t enough to stop the behaviour, no matter how much you want to stop, you keep going back to the packet and [...]

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