Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Addictions Food, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, Facebook, social media, sex, shopping, exercise, anything that you feel compelled to do, that controls you and your life, a compulsion and behaviour has negative effects on your life. You are here because you are suffering in some way from a physical or psychological addiction. Your behaviour is now having such a detrimental effect on your life that you want to change. Or perhaps you can see that if [...]

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Weight loss: Life gain, health gain


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Thinner and healthier NLP doesn’t make you thinner, or healthier, NLP doesn’t wave a magic wand and suddenly the pounds fall off. Your conscious is fully aware of what is good food and bad food, what you should and shouldn’t eat. In fact, you’ve probably tried every diet out there and nothing works. Well guess what, it’s really tough to stick to a diet in the long term when you don’t get your conscious [...]

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Stop smoking


The cost is 20 cigarettes per day is about £8, a week is £56, a month is £224, a year is £2912! You want to stop smoking You know it’s bad for you, smoking can cause cancer, smoking can cause heart disease, smoking costs an astronomical amount of money, smoking smells, smoking is anti-social. You know all these things and yet this isn’t enough to stop the behaviour, no matter how much you want to stop, you keep going back to the packet and [...]

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As an ex-smoker, 6 attempts where I think I tried everything, every time I stopped smoking I was so jealous of smokers and all I could think about was smoking again, and start smoking again I did. Ultimately it was my mindset that truly changed. On my final attempt I had something significant to move away from and something really great to move towards. I no longer felt jealous of smokers, instead I felt pity that they didn’t have the freedom that I had found. Freedom from smoking is a package of several sessions and by the end you will [...]

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Food and eating/ weight management


I know what it is like to be out of control with eating, I have direct experience and I appreciate the frustrations about what your goal is and how you behave to sabotage your own success. You will develop tools to align your behaviour with your goals, you will be empowered to make these choices more enjoyable and less difficult, to give your will power the support it needs. People with a BMI over 30 could be eligible for gastric band hypnosis which has the same impact as gastric band surgery but without the risks. Need help to lose weight? [...]

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