Energy levels

//Energy levels

Weight loss: Life gain, health gain


Health is a relationship between you and your body Terri Guillemets Thinner and healthier NLP doesn’t make you thinner, or healthier, NLP doesn’t wave a magic wand and suddenly the pounds fall off. Your conscious is fully aware of what is good food and bad food, what you should and shouldn’t eat. In fact, you’ve probably tried every diet out there and nothing works. Well guess what, it’s really tough to stick to a diet in the long term when you don’t get your conscious [...]

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Pain Management


Many people suffer from chronic pain and are on pain killers long-term, even though the effect wore off some considerable time ago. People’s lives can be crippled by pain that has no known cause or cure. Using a range of techniques I enable people to take control of the pain and reduce it, to soften it and to change it into something manageable, something else, to use their brain to control the pain instead of the pain controlling them. Even at the first session people get a sense of relief and can impact the pain using just their minds and [...]

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