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What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

Napoleon Hill

My Exceptional Life and I

I wondered where to start, what might you want to know? An insight of who I am, where I come from and why I can help?

When you’re looking for someone to work closely with and open up to it’s critical that there is a connection. So I asked my clients, friends, and family to describe me and here are a few words – I kept back a couple as they weren’t suitable for public reading.

Passionate, energetic, approachable, educated, disorganised, solution focused, practical, funny (I added this one, I truly think I am quite funny), responsible, complex, motivated, direct, a safe place, determined, compassionate, complex, approachable, bright, calm (unless I’m lost or late), intuitive, brave.

Quick life summary
Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
Jessica Schlupp-TaylorNLP Master Practitioner and Coach
“A strong supportive friendly person who will be honest yet kind to help you along the right path”

My Exceptional Life summary

I’ve had a full life, a busy life and long may that continue. I thrive on being busy, but over time have also come to appreciate quiet. Educated, including a degree in Psychology and Sport Science and this year I’ll be completing my MBA. I’ve worked constantly from the age of 13 years old. From starting as a dogsbody in a post office, babysitting, cleaning neighbour’s cars, working in nightclubs and bars, working in a specialist sports shop, sold windows door to door (don’t hate me), ran play schemes for 120 children, stuffing envelopes, and that was all before 21 years old. Told you I like to be busy.

From University I became a landlady and managed pubs (random job offer that I accepted spontaneously), this gave me a baptism of fire in terms of dealing with difficult situations and people, but also gave me the opportunity to build on communication and management skills. I was responsible for a pub that had a large drug problem, had a strong National Front clientele (my boyfriend then was Nigerian, which added some interest), and a football hooligan stronghold. Sounds like fun? I cried myself to sleep for the first 3 months but was determined not to be beaten. Slowly but surely change happened, the pub turnover increased, the clientele improved significantly and towards the end I enjoyed the pub and the people. Thank you to the oatcake delivery man who played table football on many a day and kept me sane. The biggest thing I learned from my pub years was people skills. Of course it was a business to run with stocks, planning, forecasts, staff, budgets, margins and turnover, but ultimately it was a place for people. People and their problems, their stories, their lives taught me a lot, gave me insight into people’s heads, the customers trusted me with their innermost thoughts, yes, whilst they were sober as well as under the influence of alcohol, and I like to think that by listening, talking and working things out that their lives got better in some way.

At 24 years old I began a career in recruitment and got promoted pronto, running 4 offices, thanks again to my boss who recognised my potential and let me run with it. This provided the opportunity to succeed, learn and work closely with people and businesses. Once again the opportunity to meet people and have them open up to me, both the business clients and the candidates. Seeing the potential in people, helping companies build teams to increase performance and success, thereby benefiting the company and the candidate. I worked with countless candidates and numerous businesses from SMEs to blue chips and seeing the impact people have on a business and vice versa has always been a big passion of mine.

When I started having children, I quickly realised that the corporate recruitment world wouldn’t allow me to have my work life balance, so I started my own company and haven’t looked back. After identifying that for me the favourite parts of my job are working closely with people, working closely with heads of businesses and enabling them to achieve their potential, both individually and with a business focus, I expanded from recruitment into business coaching and individual coaching and therapy. Change coaching if you like, from changing something within a company, change in a team and change in yourself. Many times people see the end goal of change as a positive but find the actual change painful. Part of my role is to enable change to be enjoyable and a positive in itself.

 Through my life I have been in some dark and unexpected places, I know what it feels like to be in a hole and I know what it feels like to come out and stand on the edge. I’ve had my fair share of life events that haven’t gone as planned and had to adapt and overcome. I’m sure I’ll share a few in my blogs. I don’t have a big posh house, or a big posh car or wear designer clothes, but what I do have is the ability and experience of overcoming significant setbacks and getting the best from my situation rather than the situation getting the best of me. My home and car are functional and allow me to enjoy my life and experience as much as possible. I live in a lovely area with wonderful friends, my children are happy and a pleasure to spend time with.

As a parent with three young children it has given clarity to how important it is to enjoy the life you have access to and to access the life you enjoy. How often do we say to children “you have no idea how lucky you are?”  When was the last time we looked around us and appreciated everything we have? It’s not that we expect our children to be constantly happy or grateful, but we want them to take the good stuff and keep hold of it, embrace it and relish it; to get the bad stuff, deal with it, learn from it and let go of the pain as soon as possible. Where is the benefit from holding on to the pain and darkness and punishing ourselves with it? Yet many adults hold on to pain, or sadness, or misery, it almost becomes their identity. We wouldn’t ask children to do this, we would never say to someone the way to lead a fulfilling life is to punish yourself for mistakes, to live in fear, or to live in sadness. Through my life and experiences, education and significant further training I have come to understand how approaching problems, situations, opportunities and emotions through different filters can have on success and happiness. My role is to enable my clients to make the best of a situation and give them every opportunity to get into a better situation for themselves and their loved ones.

My children, the way they are able to make you feel the entire spectrum of emotions in a one minute window. The gym, currently learning to Olympic Weightlift (Thanks to www.NTPT.co.uk) and looking to becoming a masters competitor in functional fitness competitions when I turn 40. I know, I know I don’t look a day over 21, well I’m closer to 40 than 30 so bring on the fitness, exercise and learning is great. Since having children I don’t have the time to commit to a team otherwise I’d be playing rugby, netball and basketball. Any sport and exercise (ok, not snooker but all other sport).

Love animals, especially dogs, cats, horses, pretty much any animal with 4 legs or less. Their unconditional love, comfort and understanding, pure and innocent, their ability to read our raw states  and knowing how to respond without even having to study countless self help books. They just are in touch with nature, something that humans have lost, we learn a lot by spending quiet time with animals.   I like snakes too but not insects (in the circle of life insects are very useful, just not too close to me).

I love dancing, no official talent other than immense enthusiasm, (I’m a car dancing champion, you got me, there’s no such competition but if there was I’d win it, look out for me on the m42 traffic jams). Cuddles with my children, seeing them skip down the street when adults walk makes me smile from ear to ear.  Food, especially if someone else cooks it, doesn’t matter what it is or tastes like if someone else cooks it, I’m just a grateful recipient (Vicky and Mops thanks for all the dinners).

Tea and coffee, a good cuppa warms my insides. Spending time with people, I’m a sociable person who loves a good chat with friends, family and meeting new people. I love learning, especially from someone who is passionate about a topic, passion draws you in. Books, learning from them, seeing different perspectives. I love the variety of personalities in people. I love solving problems, including sudoku and logic problems.

I love my bed in the morning when it’s snuggly and warm and perfectly shaped for my body and head, (not that they’re separate, they are together but my head is on the pillow, body on the sheet, obviously). I love being outside in fresh air (mainly when it’s not freezing but I’ve heard there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes so I guess even when it’s freezing I love being outside if I’m wearing the right clothing, haven’t found that yet though). Being outside to appreciate plants, nature, life, and growth. The sunset which reminds me we live on a planet in a universe and not just in a house in a town, helps me to put things into perspective. I love being warm. I love my glasses, they’re only a minor prescription but seeing is so much easier now I have them, the sound of rain on a tent and being safe, feeling safe in someone’s embrace.

I love light in general, sunlight, natural light, electrical light is a poor second best, but much better than dull, I’m the sort of person who has lights turned on in the middle of summer because it’s not quite light enough.

Oh, I love the sea, a magical place, calm yet dangerous, so full of life yet so destructive, the life that it holds is truly astonishing, and still new wonders are being discovered, there is so much about our planet we don’t yet know, let alone our universe and beyond. I love possibilities, once thought to be impossible. Keep your mind and eyes open and be prepared to be amazed.

My children saying they don’t like my cooking before they’ve even tried it, people who park on zigzags at school, people who park in disabled spots or parent and child spaces when they’re not disabled and don’t have children, short days (as in Winter, but I can’t say Winter because I like Christmas, I just don’t like the lack of light in Winter). Wind.

Me being late and me being lost: these are my stress triggers. McDonalds running adverts to say that they’re Chicken McNuggets are 100% chicken breast when only 45% of a chicken McNugget is actually chicken! When I see the petrol light come on the car- it feels like a waste of my life filling up my car with fuel, clearly it’s not, I’d waste a lot more time broken down on the side of the road if I didn’t fill up, but I can’t help disliking the light. Cheese with mould in.

People who don’t pick up after their dogs, or they do and leave the bag, what is that about? Getting out of bed, unless there’s a holiday involved. Companies that add sugar (under various nicknames) into everything! Including yes, ham, bacon, cheese and onion crisps to mention only a few.

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You can change your future by changing your attitude.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor