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Health is a relationship between you and your body

Terri Guillemets


Food, gambling, Facebook, social media, sex, shopping, exercise, anything that you feel compelled to do, that controls you and your life, a compulsion and behaviour has negative effects on your life.

You are here because you are suffering in some way from a physical or psychological addiction. Your behaviour is now having such a detrimental effect on your life that you want to change. Or perhaps you can see that if you continue down this path of addiction you can see that nothing good will come of it. Addictions are often a coping mechanism, or a replacement. You’re suffering financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and possibly the impact of your addiction is affecting loved ones, work and expanding into all the realms of life. Whatever the reason, you’re reading this because you want to change. You want to regain control of your life and change a negative behaviour to improve your life. You want to end the suffering and break free from the chains of your addiction.

NLP, hypnotherapy and CBT doesn’t have a magic wand to wish away your addiction. If you are willing to put in the work, you want change and your prepared to reinforce the work done in your sessions then therapy with me can give you the support, the strength and the strategies to make change possible and enjoyable. You will require willpower but we will strengthen the move towards the positive behaviour and step away from the negative habits. We can provide you with new coping strategies that are much more attractive than your old destructive habits and give you the ability to break those addiction chains and start living life and rewarding yourself. You will feel the positive change in your emotional, mental and physical health, you will see benefits in your finances, relationships, and time. The techniques we use including NLP, hypnotherpay, EFT and CBT will be tailored to you and enable you to make this positive change, to get your subconscious and conscious lined up so you no longer have the internal fight, the feelings of guilt. When you are ready to embrace change, to look after yourself and your future then click below and fill in the form or call me to begin the new, exciting chapter of your life.

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