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Terri Guillemets

Career Coaching

You’re here for what reason? You want to change career? Possibly you’re always overlooked for promotion? You want to change jobs, company? Perhaps you just want to feel happier in your work? Perhaps you don’t do yourself justice at interviews? You could just want to be better at what you do? More motivation, confidence, increase communication, improve negotiation skills, all these things can be tackled and improved. Whatever the reason, you know you have potential to achieve more, that’s really why you’re here: you want more, but there is something stopping you. I have gained experience over 13 years in recruitment and head hunting across a range of sectors and companies, and am a qualified NLP coach, so you are in safe hands. During our coaching sessions we can address the issues, overcome the obstacles and enable you to move forwards in your career.

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If you could release your potential, achieve more, increase your salary and do a job that you enjoy, what impact would that have on your life, your family? What will it feel like when you’re moving forwards? Can you hear your peers congratulating you on your performance? Perhaps you can see the job offer coming through? Can you imagine how good it feels to come home at the end of the day and be able to tell family what a great day you’ve had? Can you hear the alarm clock going off on Monday morning and being excited about what the week ahead feels like? If you want to make these feelings real, then click below and fill in the form, or pick up the phone and call me to book.

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