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Terri Guillemets

Fears and Phobias

This is very similar to stress and anxiety, except it is stimuli-specific. This means that your subconscious has learned that reacting with fear, an adrenaline release, panic, fight or flight, to a certain situation, environment or stimuli enables it to survive. Therefore every time you encounter the stimuli, your brain and body react in order to protect you – it worked before and you stayed alive, so your brain has very quickly learned it needs to do the same reaction in order to guarantee survival. In your conscious you are probably fully aware that the fear of the stimuli exceeds the danger. Some phobias, such as heights, snakes, spiders, make sense in terms of survival, but I’ve also known people with fears of mayonnaise or yellow cars. It makes no difference what the fear is: it could be a fear of missing out, fear of flying, fear of public speaking. If that fear stops you, affects your life and you want it gone, you can achieve that. It isn’t painful, you won’t be traumatised, you can be free of the phobia fast, possibly even within one session. If you want to understand the why behind the fear, the origin, then that can take a little longer. It isn’t necessary to understand the why in order to get rid of the fear, but some people feel it is helpful and this option is available to those who wish understand more.

What will you achieve when you are free from the phobia? What will you do when you have given your fear the elbow? How amazing are you going to feel without fear? To find out click below and fill in the form, or pick up the phone and call me to book your session.

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