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Health is a relationship between you and your body

Terri Guillemets

Life Coaching

Life is always moving forwards and life coaching gives you the ability to seize the day, gain the most from every moment and helps you to achieve your goals and desires. Unless you take time out of your day to reflect, consider and learn, you won’t be getting the most from your time and energy. How does it feel when you change your goals from “I want to……” to “I am ………..”. Life coaching is here to enable you to maximise what you get out of your life. During life coaching sessions you will realise that you have so much more potential and power to influence your life and success. You will gain tools to reach your goals and make helpful choices that increase your ability to handle the unexpected, and get what you need and want from the opportunities that arise. A life coach’s job is all about empowering the player with confidence, strategies, motivation and tools not only to only get through life but to maximise the enjoyment and pleasure from it. If you recognise there are areas of life that would benefit from focus, perhaps a goal you want to achieve but don’t know how, and want to spend your time and energy being the best you can be, then get in touch. From buying a new house, starting up a business, starting a new hobby, getting fit, working on relationship skills, finding a new partner, dealing with difficult events such as a loss, divorce, trauma, even getting out of bed more easily, or getting to bed earlier, all those things that you’d like to do but have never managed yet. Life coaching is for you. A life coach’s job is not to make you reliant on the coach, but for you to realise that you hold the answers and ability. We just show you how to access this so you can use it for the rest of your life and enhance not only your life, but also the impact on your loved ones’ lives.

Having an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach supporting you, you are confident that these sessions will have a positive impact on your life and outlook. Be a better you. Imagine if the obstacles were removed or could be bypassed, what would be achievable? Life is exciting and full of opportunity, so maximise the return on your time and energy and gain skills to carry with you on the exciting journey.

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