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The cost is 20 cigarettes per day is about £8, a week is £56, a month is £224, a year is £2912!

You want to stop smoking

You know it’s bad for you, smoking can cause cancer, smoking can cause heart disease, smoking costs an astronomical amount of money, smoking smells, smoking is anti-social. You know all these things and yet this isn’t enough to stop the behaviour, no matter how much you want to stop, you keep going back to the packet and taking a cigarette and lighting it up, and it feels so good. Why does it feel so good? The drug, yes absolutely, but what gives you the hit is your subconscious seeing smoking and that cigarette as a positive. Smoking has been a successful strategy for you to cope and live for x many years – the fact you’re here shows how great it is at helping you survive! OK, so that’s not true, but that’s how your subconscious sees it. Smoking to your subconscious is a way to cope, reduce anxiety or stress, diet, not be lonely, have a break, give yourself time for you, be with your friends, be part of the gang, it tastes soooo good and so the list goes on. Using NLP we retrain your subconscious into recognising that not smoking is a much better way of coping, survival and living. Not only does it change your behaviour from unwanted to wanted, it makes it enjoyable. You will enjoy not smoking, you will feel less stressed, less anxious, healthier and happier. It’ll be YOU that did it. We give you the ability to instruct your subconscious to do what you’ve been wanting and boy does it feel good. If you could give up smoking and feel great about it, then wouldn’t that be the most amazing gift you could give yourself?

The cost of 20 cigarettes per day is about £8, a week is £56, a month is £224, a year is £2912.

The cost of 3 sessions, which is the average number to stop smoking, is only £180. So you pay £180, you regain health, gain freedom from the cigarettes, gain cleaner lungs, gain better breathing, gain taste buds, gain better skin, better recovery from illness, better sleeping, gain time and you gain £2732 and that’s just in year 1!!!!!. Imagine what life would look like and feel like in year 2, what car could you afford, what holidays could you take, what you would do with all that money, all that health, all that energy! Contact me now to book your sessions and make those gains. Stop letting smoking lose your life and start living it to the highest level.

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