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Health is a relationship between you and your body

Terri Guillemets

Stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are perfectly normal, healthy states to be in occasionally, especially when you are in real danger. The problem arises when you enter this state even when you are not in danger, but your body and brain perceive the danger as real and so put your into this highly unpleasant state that has nowhere to be released and can cause damage to your mental and physical health. Suffering with stress and anxiety can be debilitating and it can affect your everyday life so much that in can seem inescapable. The manic heart rate, the sweaty palms, the inability to think straight, adrenaline rushing, a sick feeling, a sense of panic, possibly panic attacks – and then being unable to live your life.

You may think that your head isn’t working properly, you may think it’s broken. Perhaps you think there’s something wrong with you? I have news, big news: your brain is doing exactly what it needs to in order to help you survive, it is working exactly as it should, it has learned that by being in a state of stress or anxiety it has kept you alive and well. You may not be happy or have the quality of life you ideally want, but that isn’t something your subconscious is too worried about as it only cares that if it reacts to stimuli, environments, and situations in a particular way, it gets a particular result: if I live in a state of panic I survive. You’re still alive I assume because you’re reading this, so guess what? Your brain has worked perfectly at the base level. It took the stress response to danger and then just kept transferring it to more and more things. The longer you survived the more the response was reinforced by your brain as correct, the more your brain learned that by being in stress and anxiety was a positive state as it kept you alive. A vicious circle that is so difficult to live with, a life that is a constant mental battle, but long-term stress and anxiety also have real impact on physical health.

More good news: not only is your brain working normally, but because it’s so good at learning we can use that to retrain so that the pathway that once led from stimuli to stress, will instead lead to calm and relaxed. How amazing would that be, instead of feeling anxiety, to feel positive emotional states? Your brain can very quickly relearn that positive emotions are a much better response to life, it will learn that excitement, calm, happy, relaxed, content, wonder are good responses, useful responses. Your brain will learn to keep the stress and anxiety for real danger, and to be free from the restraints and ties that stress and anxiety have put on your life. You will gain skills to keep your brain and body in balance so you have better coping strategies to move forward in your life.

If you want to take control of your life, take the power away from stress and anxiety, take the power back for yourself and your happiness, spend more time enjoying the here and now, releasing yourself and enjoying your life more, then get in touch and start the journey for you. The sooner you start the journey the more of life you can enjoy and there is no value you can put on that. To book your sessions for you to gain enjoyment from life, and gain the freedom from stress and anxiety click on the link below, fill in the form or pick up the phone and call me.

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