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“Today was a big day, I have always been petrified of the dentist for as long as I can remember, and today was a day of having 2 very big fillings replaced which meant lots of injections. That was today, let's give you a bit of back story....” Even as an adult I had to take my business card to a dentist appointment because I'd be shaking and crying so much I couldn't tell the receptionist my name. If I needed work done I wouldn't sleep for a week, the worry of the appointment looming over me keeping me awake [...]

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Animal therapy


Animal Assisted therapy within My Exceptional setting involves therapy but with an animal present in the room that is used to add to the calm, safe atmosphere. Our animals are trained to stay calm and relaxed, to bring balance and a sense of security to the room to aid the person in their recovery. It is suitable for people who are comfortable with an animal presence and would benefit from having a positive animal energy. They can either be in the room, or available for reassuring cuddles. It is in addition to the therapy session and over time we plan [...]

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My distraction list, helps with unhelpful thoughts and behaviours


One of my favourite methods to deal with negative emotions from sadness to anxiousness, anger to negative thoughts is a distraction, this can also be used to break a craving cycle for those trying to overcome habits or unhelpful behaviours My life is amazing in many ways, and I have lots to be thankful for yet I also find many times feeling down, sad, angry, jealous, and beating myself up. I won't go into detail as my friends read this blog and they've heard it many times before. ( You know who you are and thank you x) Occasionally I allow [...]

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Not your normal “run post”


Not some “check out how far I ran post”. For those who know me, know that I am the opposite of a natural runner. I am a shire horse made for pulling large weights slowly, not for floating elegantly across the pavements. Am I proud of myself for going for a run: yes Am I pleased with my speed? Yes ish. Time isn't what I care about, I made it round without stopping. My time was very slow but I never walked and I never gave up and goodness knows I wanted to. Here are some of the thoughts that went [...]

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I am happy and fat!


“I’m happy being fat! “No truly I am look, I’m happy and cheerful, life and soul of the party, so what if I’m overweight, fat doesn’t equal miserable and I’m here to show people that’s it’s ok to be fat and happy. I’m beautiful and fat. Look how much energy I’ve got! I’m happy being fat and I wouldn’t want to be miserable and thin.” Yes I’m with you, I’m certainly not saying that fat and happy and energetic and beautiful isn’t possible but what if you could be healthier and happier and more energetic? [...]

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7 Practical ways to help your child or teenager to cope with stress


Make sleep a priority Teenagers need a minimum of 8 hours up to about 10 hrs a night, with most research favouring over 9 hours. This is critical to their ability to cope, learn and manage stress. Sleep helps with weight management, stress and anxiety, ability to cope, ability to learn, ability to concentrate. Don’t laugh as there are ways to get your kids to agree to this, but electronics in bedrooms has a negative impact on sleep cycles. There is no research that I can find anywhere that says ‘watching tv or playing Xbox or watching you tube videos’ [...]

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Career Coaching


Work is such a major part of our lives yet how many don’t enjoy their job? Surely if there was a way that you could enjoy the 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, not to mention all the unpaid overtime, you would grab it? I work with individuals to consider options and choose a path and make that path a positive one, whether you need confidence, direction, motivation, someone to help you see clearly the problems or possibilities and help you to identify solutions. What is it you want and how are you going to achieve it? Need [...]

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Loss and grief


Loss can come in many forms and people deal with it in different ways. This includes loss of a loved one, be it person or animal; loss of a job or career, loss of health, loss of a relationship or loss of a dream. When the loss and grief are all-encompassing or interfere with the ability to move forwards and function in everyday life then it is time to seek help. The peace that my clients access is truly amazing, weights lifted, grief lessened. This work is not about forgetting, it’s about finding life and finding enjoyment again after loss. [...]

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Pain Management


Many people suffer from chronic pain and are on pain killers long-term, even though the effect wore off some considerable time ago. People’s lives can be crippled by pain that has no known cause or cure. Using a range of techniques I enable people to take control of the pain and reduce it, to soften it and to change it into something manageable, something else, to use their brain to control the pain instead of the pain controlling them. Even at the first session people get a sense of relief and can impact the pain using just their minds and [...]

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Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia


Yep, I got the t-shirt for all of these in my teenage years. Yet I was excellent at hiding them and putting on a mask, a front. I don’t think any of my friends would know that I was too scared to order a takeaway, I was too scared to go to a new exercise class by myself, I turned down many a social invite for fears, all those what if’s floating around my head that I couldn’t control and would run away with my confidence. Using various techniques, I work with people and their fears, anxieties, worries, negative thoughts [...]

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