As an ex-smoker, 6 attempts where I think I tried everything, every time I stopped smoking I was so jealous of smokers and all I could think about was smoking again, and start smoking again I did. Ultimately it was my mindset that truly changed. On my final attempt I had something significant to move away from and something really great to move towards. I no longer felt jealous of smokers, instead I felt pity that they didn’t have the freedom that I had found. Freedom from smoking is a package of several sessions and by the end you will not only be a non-smoker but be truly happy that you don’t smoke. You will voluntarily not smoke, not want to pick up a cigarette and if you do, you will want to put it straight down. You will see smoking through the eyes of a non-smoker.

Want to stop smoking?

You can change your future by changing your attitude.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor